Consultations with Unions on New Public Sector Compensation System at an Advanced Stage – Finance Minister

Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Dr Nigel Clarke has disclosed that discussions on the new public sector compensation system with unions and staff associations representing central government employees are at an advanced stage.

He made the disclosure following a recent meeting with the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions.

Minister Clarke observed that “second round consultations, which incorporate the feedback of unions, bargaining groups and professional associations are now advanced, but discussion is still underway with a number of unions and associations. It is important that this consensus building process is completed prior to the start of the implementation of public sector compensation restructuring.”

The Finance Minister noted that the Government had expressed the desire to begin implementation of the new compensation system in July 2022 but that desire “must be subordinated to the greater objective of achieving consensus, as far as possible.”

He reiterated that the Government has pursued a consultative approach to the introduction of the new compensation system for public sector workers and has thus far met with all public sector unions, bargaining groups and professional associations which represent central government employees.

The new compensation system for the public sector is being implemented effective 1 April 2022. It will address longstanding issues with public sector compensation such as inequity, complexity and lack of transparency. The current compensation system has 325 salary scales and approximately 185 allowances.