HRM Transformation

The strategic management of the human capital is undeniably a key element in public sector transformation.

Successfully transforming the public service requires significant focus on the development and management of the human resources of the Government of Jamaica (GoJ). This HRM transformation project focuses on ensuring the structures are in place to support the alignment of HRM practices and policies with the short, medium and long-term goals of the GoJ. It seeks to introduce a distinct operating model in support of a transformed public service. The focus therefore is on performance management, efficient and effective delivery of services and on how compensation should be aligned with employment. This project has the following components that interconnect in respect to timing but which are all critical to achieving a properly staffed, responsive, and effective public service. The multiple strategies deployed include:

  • MyHR+ an integrated HR and payroll information management system. The system offers a standardised human-resource and payroll platform and will provide a consolidated view of the public sector, more efficient, cost-effective HR and payroll operations.
  • Review and revamp Performance Management System in order that organisation and individual performance are tied to organisational productivity with meaningful reward system in place.
  • Review, Standardisation and Harmonisation of HR Policies e.g. recruitment and Development of a Competency Framework for HR. This is to be supported through the upgrade of the HR software system.
  • Capacity building of Strategic Human Resource Management and Development (SHRMD), Office of the Services Commissions (OSC) and the HR Community in MDAs.
  • The introduction of an adapted Ulrich model of HRM: Strategic Partner, Change Agent, Employee Advocate and Administrative Expert. 

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