Beyond Reform is a weekly podcast of the Transformation Implementation Unit where we discuss the plans, progress and issues under the public sector transformation programme in the Government of Jamaica.

Season 2

Artwork for Beyond Reform Season Two Artwork- Podcast Episode 4

Episode #4 Building a Better Public Service

The GOJ is transforming the public sector. What does this entail? How are things progressing? In this episode of the Beyond Reform podcast, Executive Director - Transformation Implementation Unit, Maria Thompson Walters gives an update on the public sector transformation programme.

Artwork for Beyond Reform Season Two Artwork- Podcast Episode 3

Episode #3 - Compensation 101​

Ever wondered exactly what’s on your pay slip as a GOJ employee? If you have doubts or need a little help understanding your pay and pay slip, this episode of the Beyond Reform podcast is for you!​


Episode#2 – Update on Public Sector Compensation

The Government of Jamaica is implementing a new compensation structure for its employees. How is it going? The experts provide an update in this episode of TIU’s Beyond Reform podcast. Click the image to learn more.

Image of Beyond Reform - A Conversation with GOJ Employees

Episode #1 - A Conversation with GOJ Employees

What is it like working in the public sector of Jamaica? Three employees share their experiences in Season 2, Episode #1 of Beyond Reform.

Season 1

Episode #1 - New Public Sector Compensation System

Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Dr Nigel Clarke explains the approach being taken to implement a new public sector compensation system. The Minister also provides an update on the implementation process. Click here to listen to this engaging discussion.

Episode #2- Transforming Public Sector HR

HR is the engine of an organisation. Therefore, it is extremely important that HR Departments are functioning well. How is the Government of Jamaica ensuring that this happens in the public sector? Listen in!

Image showing artwork for the TIU Beyond Reform Podcast Episode #3

Episode #3 Public Sector Transformation in Jamaica

The Government of Jamaica is introducing shared corporate services to improve its internal efficiency. The shared service model is one that has been used globally to drive operational efficiency. How is the implementation going? What can employees and citizens expect? The experts weigh in.