The integrated HR and payroll information management system

What is MyHR+?

Human Resource departments are increasingly required to be strategic business areas. My HR+ is an enabler in improving the operations and delivery of HR services in the public sector. With over 120,000 employees spread across almost 200 ministries, departments, agencies and public bodies, it is very challenging to maintain and access basic employee information using paper-based systems or a variety of electronic systems. It makes the management of HR inefficient. This leads to, among other things:

  • poor internal customer satisfaction
  • poor people decisions and
  • a bad view of HR departments

MyHR+ is a bespoke system and offers different levels of access based on job function. The system is being implemented on a phased basis and it is a very easy-to-use web-based software that allows organisations to manage and operate more efficiently.



  • Access personal data
  • Schedule leave, submit claims
  • Request salary advance
  • View, save and print payslips
  • Register for training

HR and Payroll

  • Recruit
  • Process personnel actions
  • Run regular payrolls
  • Run off-cycle
  • Process bank deposits for net pay and deductions
  • Reconcile payroll accounts
  • Performance appraisal management
  • Competency management


  • Team schedule e.g. leave and training
  • Leave approval
  • Claims approval
  • Performance management
  • Training register
  • General requests e.g. recruitment and disciplinaryaction
  • Run reports such as performance summary and attendance



  • MyHR+ allows for the digitisation of HR records, easy retrieval of HR information, the proper planning of human resource needs in the public sector and full payroll automation.  It also enables a more rapid deployment of HR shared services.

    Some of the main benefits of the system are:

    • Strategic and enhanced efficiency in HR management and administration
    • Greater access to information through the standardisation of HR functions, policies, practices and procedures
    • Data analytics that ensure the availability of evidence-based information for strategic and effective decision-making
    • Security and disaster recovery on a secure platform

How the System Works

MyHR+ is a bespoke system that offers different levels of access based on job function role. The general interface is the most accessible layer which allows employees to access self service features like employment record, schedule leave, submit claims, request salary advances, register for training and view, print and save payslips. The Back Office gives HR/Payroll access to more features than the general user interface. HR and Payroll are able to access employee data and can make changes where necessary, i.e. performance management, facilitate recruitment, run payrolls, process bank deposits, and more. Support allows public service employees to contact the MyHR+ team to address technical issues experienced. The support section of the system gives three (3) options for making contact. These are by email, telephone or through online chat.

MyHR+ Roll Out

Thirty-five MDAS have now been brought onto the system. These are:


Currently there are over 67,000 public sector workers using the MyHR+ system, with 40 entities now utilising the the system.

Case Studies

MyHR+ Payroll Case Study
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Fact Sheet

MyHR+ Fact Sheet

MyHR+ Brochure

MyHR+ Brochure

MyHR+ ESS Case Study

MyHR+ Payroll Case Study

MyHR+ HR Case Study