Public Sector Efficiency and ICT

Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) Customer Relationship Management Project
The roll out of a Customer Relationship Management system (CRMs) that will improve service delivery and will see the automation of several key citizenship and immigration service areas. The new platform will improve transparency, licensing and permitting, ease of traveling, risk management, inspections, surveillance and the overall operations of the Agency to better secure borders
The implementation of a secure wide area network (WAN) communication infrastructure to connect ministries, departments and agencies in the Kingston Metropolitan Area​. GovNet will provide the platform for processes within GOJ to be automated; resulting in a more seamless interface with its citizenry. GovNet will facilitate the implementation of Shared Services including Data Centre, Email (GovMail), Internet and Voice Services (GovTalk), also creating opportunity for cost savings.
GOJ Data Centre Upgrade
The Data Centre Upgrade will establish a modern data centre with the necessary capacity and infrastructure to provide resilient and efficient hosting and provisioning of GOJ enterprise and shared services. An upgraded Data Centre will additionally facilitate future pursuits of the GOJ in rationalising and consolidating Data Centres and related services on to the platform at eGovJa.
Modernisation of Jamaica’s Work Permit System
The re-engineering of Work Permit procedures and the implementation of an effective and user-friendly web-based Work Permit System in order to facilitate significantly improved processing, review, approval and issuing of work permits in Jamaica.
Fisheries Licensing and Registration System
The implementation of a licence and registration system, FishLink, that is efficient, accurate, worldwide accessible, scalable and secure. The system will also provide a suitable platform for the recovery of costs and resources expended and will complement the new Fisheries Act.
ICT Network Infrastructure Expansion
The modernisation of information and communication technologies systems across the CPFSA’s network of offices and key partners that enables real time access, accurate and up-to-date information to guide decision making that is directed at delivering effective and efficient services that contribute to the well-being of children and the families served.