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Rationalisation of Public Bodies

The Public Sector Master Rationalisation Plan (MRP) proposes a reduction of the over 190 public bodies, comprising companies, agencies, and statutory bodies, as a critical feature of transforming the public sector.  This was based on duplication or inappropriate delivery of functions, and the existence of entities that had achieved their mandates and needed to be closed. Additionally, there is a governance deficit in monitoring the multiplicity of public bodies.

The Policy on the Categorisation and Rationalisation of Public Bodies also calls for a “leaner, more efficient and coherent grouping of public bodies.” The policy defines and categorises public bodies; provides justification for their establishment; and specifies their roles and functions. 

Under this project, public bodies have been identified for outsourcing, merger, integration into parent ministries, privatisation, divestment and closure. 

The guiding philosophy  for deciding which entities should be rationalized is based on Osborne and Plastrik (1997) theory of “what government should do and pay for; what government must pay for, but does not have to do; and what government should not do and should not pay for.”  


Actions To Date

  • 17 Closures

  • 14 Mergers

  • 2 Divestments

  • 3 Shared Services

  • 1 re-organization

  • 3 integration into parent ministries

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