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Strategic Workforce Planning Course

The Sky's the Limit


The Transformation Implementation Unit invites suitably qualified persons working in Human Resource Management and Development to apply for training in Strategic Workforce Planning.

  • Do you have an interest in Strategic Workforce Planning?

  • Do you have working knowledge of Microsoft Excel?

If you would like to acquire this new skill, sign up for the Strategic Workforce Planning Course. This short module will be delivered online through four half day sessions, with an additional four half days of follow-up assessment leading to certification.

The sessions will be held in cohorts, with a maximum of 20 persons per cohort as follows:

Cohort 1: 13 April – 06 May 2021

Cohort 2: 18 May – 10 June 2021

Cohort 3: 22 June – 15 July 2021

Cohort 4: 27 July – 19 August 2021


  • Working in the public sector in Human Resource Management/Development


To apply, please complete the registration form and
submit it by 19 February 2021 at 4:00pm to swptraining@transformation.gov.jm

Late entries will not be accepted.

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