Legislation Passed to Integrate Audit Commission Functions into Finance Ministry

Image of Nigel Clarke by photographer Mark Bell
Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Dr the Hon Nigel Clarke, addresses the House of Representatives on 4 July 2024. Photo credit: Mark Bell

The House of Representatives, on Tuesday (September 19), passed legislation to provide for the integration of the functions of the Audit Commission into the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service.

Portfolio Minister, Dr. the Hon. Nigel Clarke, who piloted the Financial Administration and Audit (Amendment) (no.2) Act, 2023, explained that the move is in keeping with government’s policy on the categorisation and rationalisation of public bodies under the public-sector rationalisation programme.

This includes merging, closing and divesting entities and reintegrating others.

Dr. Clarke said that the objective is to “achieve a reduction in their numbers as well as facilitate improved operational efficiencies”.

The Audit Commission was established as a statutory body pursuant to Section 33 (C), subsection one of the FAA Act.

It is charged with evaluating the performance of audit committees within government departments to ensure their continued effectiveness, promoting best practices in the operation of audit committees, monitoring the performance of each audit committee against its Charter, and performing such other functions as are assigned to it by the Minister, among other things, Dr. Clarke said.

“These functions are now to be undertaken by the Internal Audit Directorate, a unit within the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service,” Dr. Clarke told the House.

Source: https://jis.gov.jm/legislation-passed-to-integrate-audit-commission-functions-into-finance-ministry/