The Top Three Questions to Ask in Your Job Interview

The Top Three Questions to Ask in Your Job Interview

When applying for a new job, there’s a rush of excitement when considering the new possibilities. Better pay, a different work environment or even the new challenges to overcome in this potentially new post. Then, when the colourful imaginations quiet down and you receive the ‘invitation to interview’ email, you know it’s time to get serious and prep for the interview. After preparing all the insightful, head-nod inducing answers for your unsuspecting interviewer, they most definitely will conclude the interview with the famous “any questions for us” question.

These are some of the best possible questions you could now ask in response.

#1. What is the culture like in your organisation?

It is true that you need the job, but remember the employer needs you too. Whilst the interviewers are seeking to determine if you are a good fit for the role, you also need to decipher if the organisation is a good fit for you. The answer may be very positive, which is great but learn to listen to the answers properly to gauge if this is a good fit for you.


#2. Who will I work with directly?

This question is great for any potential employee. You can get some insight into your potential superior and the teammates that come along with the role. You can also find out about how the team completes tasks, how big the team is etc. Use this opportunity to find out about the staff to see how the role fits into their existing structure.


#3. What is a typical day like for the job holder?

This main question answers so many other lingering questions about the role. The job description is usually a good place to start understanding the role but sometimes it really does not give a full picture of the daily required activities.

Overall, job interviews can encourage anxiety in many persons, so arm yourself with not just enough knowledge about the employer but with questions that ensure you leave the interview feeling ready for whatever comes next.