Why You Should Apply for a Public Sector Job

Why You Should Apply for a Public Sector Job

Ever wondered what it is like working in the public sector? Here are three reasons why you should apply to serve in the public sector.

An enriching job experience

The Government of Jamaica (GOJ) is the largest single employer in the country. This affords employees in the public sector the opportunities to work across the service and gain significant experience in government operations.


Contribution to public service

As an employee of the public sector, there is some sense of pride and responsibility for carrying out tasks that contribute to the development of the country. Employees get to take on the chance to, indirectly and directly, create or enact positivity and change in the lives of others.


Job security

It is very well known that a major perk of working in the public sector is the high level of job security enjoyed by employees. Unlike private companies, the GOJ l is less likely to carry out massive redundancies or dismissals. In addition, the new compensation system will provide an even more stable incentive by enabling the delivery of high-quality public services, rewards performance, equity promotion and competitive employee rewards.

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