Public Sector HR Directors Prepping for New Ways of Working

Public Sector HR Directors Prepping for New Ways of Working Images

The Government of Jamaica is seeking to transform the way human resources are managed in the public sector. In this regard, the Transformation Implementation Unit (TIU) has been spearheading a project to introduce a new model for human resource management (HRM) in the public sector.

Recently, over 30 senior HR Directors from more than 10 ministries, departments, and agencies participated in a workshop to examine the proposed model and make recommendations on implementation. During the workshop, participants engaged in collaborative discussions and group activities to work through some of the common challenges they face and propose solutions.

By the end of the workshop, many participants expressed newfound perspectives and deeper insights gained from the session while acknowledging its role in shaping their understanding of the transformative journey ahead.

HRM Transformation Lead, TIU, Trudy-Ann James-Linton noted that this workshop is one of several sessions to be held on the new model with HR practitioners and related professional groups to ensure the model is fit-for-purpose and supports the transformation of the public sector.