Bipartisan Support for New Compensation System

Opposition Spokesman on Finance and the Public Service, Julian Robinson, is welcoming the public-sector compensation review.

He said the Opposition has always supported the call of the trade unions for a review of the compensation structure in the public service.

“The truth is, over successive administrations the workers of Jamaica have always been called on to bear the brunt when we have to make sacrifices. Our faithful and hard-working public servants have done so over and over and over, with just one caveat. They have demanded the review of compensation in the public sector,” Mr. Robinson said.

“Now having waited, we support these workers’ right to an improved compensation package. We on this side look forward to the unions and the Government signing off on a new agreement, effective 1st April of this year,” he added.

He was making his contribution to the 2022/23 Budget Debate in the House of Representatives on March 10.

The restructuring exercise is intended to overhaul the system of salaries and other emoluments in the public service to make it more equitable.

It will cost the Government more than $100 billion to restructure the system of public-sector compensation over the next three years.