Documentation Centre interns making a positive impact on PIOJ’s role as the focal point for the Government Libraries Information Network of Jamaica

World Bank Country Manager Mr Ozan Sevimli, (seated left) visited the PIOJ on December 3 when he received an update on the government’s Records and Information (RIM) project that is now underway in the Wesley Hughes Documentation Centre. The RIM project receives support from the World Bank. Mr Sevimli complimented the PIOJ and said that a public sector that is citizen centric and committed to transparent governance and democracy should have documents available to satisfy the curiosity of the public.

The project participants are Youth Employment in the Digital Industries Project (YEDAI) interns recruited through the OPM Housing Opportunity Production Employment (HOPE) programme. PIOJ Technical Information Manager, Odean Cole Phoenix (second left) said that the RIM project is allowing the PIOJ to reduce operating costs and be more responsive to requests through the Access to Information (ATI) process. She said that the participants have, to date, taken inventory of 4,000 text, audio, print and digital records and the work continues.

PIOJ Director General Wayne Henry (seated right) encouraged the interns to use the opportunity as a step towards fulfilling careers and that the positive feedback about their performance is encouraging. PIOJ HR Director, Mrs Sandra Ward, noted that the agency was keeping an eye on the possibility of recruiting interns into posts as the opportunities present themselves and encouraged them to continue to demonstrate professionalism and growth.

Government Archivist Ms Claudette Thomas (second right) said that to date, 198 public sector entities are benefiting from the RIM project and there is increasing compliance in archiving formats. Proper archiving of public records. she said, is a strategic mission as it impacts quality public services, human rights, poverty reduction and democracy.