Revenue Appeals Division Remains Committed to Service Excellence

The Awardees unveiling the 2022 Wall of Honour Installation. From left to right: Ewan Harvey – Closer of the Year; Georgia King Francis – Commissioner’s Award; Stacey Barrett – Star Performer of the Year; and Gregory Douglas – Ace Performer of the Year.

The Revenue Appeals Division displayed its commitment to service excellence by acknowledging the stellar performances of outstanding staff members at the recent staging of the 4th Annual Staff Awards and Recognition Ceremony under the theme Ignite our Passion for Success.

Deputy Commissioner at the Revenue Appeals Division, Mrs Cynthia Marshall-Lowe expressed the relevance of this initiative. She stated, “The purpose of the Awards and Recognition Ceremony is to show staff and management appreciation for the hard work done throughout the fiscal year and to let employees know how valuable they are and how much their contributions are valued”.

Mrs Lowe, who is the Programme Lead, added that this reward system is aligned with one of the RAD’s strategic initiatives: Implement a Culture Change Around the Core Value and Paradigm Shift. 

“Each year, the ceremony is organized by a committee (made up primarily of staff members) that establishes performance benchmarks and an accountability framework that guides the selection of the awardees. The performance characteristics that are recognized by the ceremony are consistent with the strategic goals of the division for improving the execution of core business processes and creating an environment that fosters good employee morale,” said Mrs Lowe.

The categories of the main awards include:

  • Commissioner’s Award
  • Ace Performer
  • Star Administrator
  • Closer of the Year

She further highlighted that receipt of the awards has so far served to motivate the recipients to continue to produce quality work and maintain high performance levels.

“Employees look forward to the rewards ceremony. The names of the recipients for the main awards are added to the RAD’s Wall of Honour for the fiscal year, and this excites them. It revitalizes and energizes them to work hard the following year to be a recipient of the major awards,” she closed.