GOJ Data Centre Upgrade

Expected Project Benefits and Impact

The Data Centre Upgrade seeks to establish a modern data centre with the necessary capacity and infrastructure to provide resilient and efficient hosting and provisioning of enterprises and shared services of the Government of Jamaica. Additionally, it aims to facilitate future pursuits of the Government of Jamaica in rationalising and consolidating data centres and related services on to the platform at eGovJa.

Project Scope

With a budget of USD 4,500,000 and a timeline of 2019 – 2021, implementing agency GOJ Data Centre Upgrade, aims to achieve the following.

  • The procurement of consultancy services to assess options available to GOJ to establish a central data centre.
  • Stakeholders have requested an analysis of options available to the GOJ to establish a primary data centre to host Enterprise and Shared Services. These include, but are not limited to, the upgrade of existing GOJ facilities and the building of a new data centre.
  • The procurement of consultancy services, goods and other services to design and implement upgrades to the data centre at eGovJa.
  • This project profile assumes that the GOJ will select the option of upgrading the data centre at eGovJa. Terms of Reference (TOR) will be defined to select a company with the requisite proven skills to design and implement upgrades and commission the services identified as part of this project.
  • The implementation of works to the eGovJa data centre to meet agreed Uptime Institute Tier III Standards and agreed objectives of the project.
  • The implementation of a Private Cloud platform to host GOJ Enterprise and Shared Services.
  • The private cloud of the GOJ must be implemented according to requirements defined by the GOJ and must have the capacity to host identified enterprise and shared services.
  • The implementation of GovMail and GovTalk.
  • The procurement and implementation of a PBX solution to be used by the GOJ as a centralized PBX for MDAs. GovTalk must be implemented on the Private Cloud.
  • The creation of a Governance Framework for the management and use of the Data Center’s facilities, infrastructure and services.
  • The creation of a high-level Roadmap for additional work necessary to further improve Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

The negotiation and establishment of service delivery contracts pertaining to all components of the data Centre and the services implemented under this project.