The GOJ network has been built out to enable connectivity between all Government Ministries.

Expected Project Benefits and Impacts

The implementation of a secure wide area network (WAN) communication infrastructure to connect ministries, departments and agencies in the Kingston Metropolitan Area​. GovNet will provide the platform for processes within GOJ to be automated; resulting in a more seamless interface with its citizenry. GovNet will facilitate the implementation of Shared Services including Data Centre, Email (GovMail), Internet and Voice Services (GovTalk), also creating opportunity for cost savings.

Project Scope

With a budget of USD 6,000,000, and a timeline of 2019 – 2021, implementing government agency eGov Jamaica Limited of the Ministry Science, Energy and Technology (MSET) aims to achieve the following:

  1. Data gathering and assessment, which will give a clear understanding of the existing IT infrastructure of Model Driven Architecture (MDAs), the current and future connectivity and business needs of HQ of MDAs in the Kingston Metropolitan Area (KMA);
  2. Requirements gathering and needs analysis for shared service;
  3. Procurement, negotiation and establishment of the service delivery contracts with the National Works Agency and the Telecos, for data services;
  4. Development of an IT governance framework, policies and procedures that will guide all MDAs needing access to GovNet and Shared Services;
  5. Deployment of the GovNet core;
  6. Deployment of the distribution network;
  7. Establishment of network management and monitoring capabilities; and
  8. Connection of defined agencies (including Ministry Head Offices) to the network.