Modernisation of Jamaica’s Work Permit System

Under the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, an implementation of a modern Work Permit System has been done.

Expected Project Benefits and Impacts

The re-engineering of Work Permit procedures and the implementation of an effective and user-friendly web-based Work Permit System in order to facilitate significantly improved processing, review, approval and issuing of work permits in Jamaica.

Project Scope

With a budget of USD 1,075,001 and a timeline of 2019 – 2023, implementing government agency, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS) aims to achieve the following:

  • Undertake operational review of the existing work permit system, in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the Ministry of Tourism as necessary, taking into account work previously done.
  • Review of international best practices for work permit processing, through inter alia, the embarking of a study tour.
  • Re-engineer work permit processes, synergizing and integrating the processes under the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Develop work permit system requirements and accompanying tender document as well as provide advice and guidance during the supplier evaluation process and the implementation process. This will involve a detailing of the requirement for the type of software, the modules, the training requirements and the method of delivery. It should also include recommendations as to how the software should be hosted as well as any attendant risks.
  • Identify and deliver the actual web-based and mobile system for work permit processing.
  • Design training module and provide training for staff on the new work permit system;
  • Design and deliver a training module for the retraining of deployed staff of the Work Permit Units in both ministries as necessary.
  • Design of detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), addressing internal change management and organizational development needs. This will entail specification of the requirements for counterpart resources, if any, and a determination of any legislative or policy constraints, which may impact the development of the SOPS and related operations.
  • Implement and pilot test the work permit system as outlined in the objectives aforementioned, ensuring optimal functionality.
  • Promulgate change management and public education programmes, respectively.