The Revenue Appeals Division to Launch Online Portal in Final Quarter in Fiscal Year 2021/2022

Deputy Commissioner of the Revenue Appeals Division, Ms. Andrea Kelly highlights the key elements of the upcoming RAD online portal

The Revenue Appeals Division (RAD) of the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service will launch its web portal in the final quarter of the fiscal year 2021/2022. “Taxpayers can file their appeal cases via our web portal and this portal will come on stream sometime later this year,” said Deputy Commissioner at the Revenue Appeals Division, Ms. Andrea Kelly, during an interview on the Ministry of Finance and Public Service flagship programme, “Finance Matters.”

Ms. Kelly also acknowledged that the implementation of the online portal was vital to the delivery of its services by the RAD; she said “We needed a better system to help us make better management decisions.” She further noted that with the help of the International Finance Corporation (associated with the World Bank), the Revenue Appeals Division was able to reengineer its business processes with the development of a bespoke computerised case management system and shorten the timeline for processing appeals.

She opined that this platform will add convenience to the act of filing an appeal for all applicants, noting that this online access was “in the making before the advent of the pandemic, and now taxpayers have those avenues to file their appeals in the comfort of their home.” The Deputy Commissioner added that appellants may also have their attorney or accountant file appeals online on their behalf.

Those interested in learning more about the web portal can contact the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service’s Revenue Appeals Division at, visit the Revenue Appeal Division Offices at the First Floor, Office Centre Building, 12 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston, or call 932-4993-4.